“I’ve been everywhere man. I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been to Moorooka, Woolloongabba, West End, Stones Corner, tied onto a ute, to a garden fence … ”

It’s been a big week so far for Sheldon. His poor little battery is deteriorating, so he doesn’t go as far as he has done in the past. I had to ride to West End on Monday morning to attend a work meeting at a wonderful venue – Veneziana cafe. It had been a while since I’d taken the South Bank river route, so I thought ‘Bugger risking my life on Annerley Rd and through peak hour traffic! I’ll go the long way!’.

The Veneziana team were really lovely and let me steal their electricity, so I was able to lug in the battery and charger and plug it all in. Gave me peace of mind that I’d make it back to work without going flat.

But it all became fairly redundant when a colleague offered me a lift back in his ute! No charging necessary. Sheldon was going for a ride in the back of a ute! Now that’s living the dream!

So we wander out and my colleague, who’s the buffest bloke I’ve had the pleasure of being in my vicinity in perhaps ever, literally lifted Sheldon up off the ground with two hands right into the air and placed him up on the ute! My e-bike weighs a tonne! Amazing!

Sheldon thought that was pretty sexy. Which fits given the character who plays Sheldon on Big Bang Theory recently publicly declared he was gay. I tend to agree with my Sheldon’s assessment.

By the way, the reason I’m anthropomorphising is that it’s bit dodgy to call a colleague sexy.

Anyway, Sheldon thought it was the best day of his life until …

… until he spent the night in the garden of a girl. But not just any girl.

Last night a friend of mine invited me to the movies. The Human Rights Film Festival is currently on at the Tribal Cinema (the old Dendy). So we hooked up at her place, I tied Sheldon to the garden fence and we bussed it into the CBD. The evening ended in the comfort of a snug, warm Irish pub complete with open fire and no desire to leave whatsoever ever. So we didn’t. Until we did. But it was LATE and FREEZING so I bypassed cycling and instead caught a taxi home.

But that’s not the sexy bit. Clearly!

The sexy bit was tonight when I went to pick up my beloved bicycle with the intention of tinkering around and fixing my broken back light before I left. But I failed miserably. My simple solution of inserting a fresh set of batteries didn’t do the trick. 🙁

Sexy rockin’ grrrl to the rescue!

Turns out the bike light had its – um – ‘something’ a bit broken. There’s a word for it I’ve already forgotten despite the educational lesson. :/ Anyway, the side bits where the battery goes were a bit dodgy which made the battery not do its thing. One side was grimy and the other side was bent.

How sexy is a chick who can fix electronicy things?

I was so relieved to have my tail light working. It’s so dangerous cycling at night without a damn tail light!

Sheldon totally brings out the sexy in people. I’m so lucky. 🙂

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