This is my first winter with Sheldon. Sure, a Brisbane winter but it’s still winter! And Brisbane people (or is it just me?) are notoriously bad at buying proper winter clothes. You know …

“I’ve got a jumper. She’ll be right mate.”

But it’s 11 degrees out there, according to my iPhone weather app! And I’m cycling! Fast! In order to keep warm! Which makes it colder!

I’ve got my Buffed head wear, the one with the fluffy neck warmer, but it still doesn’t cover my WHOLE face. Brrr cold.

I’ve got cycling gloves, but they’re fingerless so my fingers freeze. Brrr.

I’ve got a jumper and a jacket. Neither of them actually designed for cycling. Brrr.

My major fail tonight at 9.30pm (surely the peak of brrr coldness) was wearing baggy tracksuit pants with short socks and hand-me-down Dunlop Vollies. The cold air went right up my trousers! BRRR COLD!!

I bought my bicycle at the end of August 2011. Right after winter. This is my first winter together with Sheldon! Turns out he’s really hopeless at keeping me snug and warm. This disappoints me greatly. I thought my life was fulfilled.

I think I need a human. Just for the winter! Not asking for much. Know of anyone free? I mean, I don’t wear the head tube all the time. Promise.

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