Virtual Campaign Strategist And Coach - Australia - Elissa Jenkins

I am available to support you to develop your organisation’s marketing, communications and/or fundraising campaign strategy.

I believe we can all flourish in a sustainable world. Working in a humble, virtual environment means I’m able to keep my overheads low, giving you super affordable yet quality advice and support.

Virtual Campaign Strategist & Coach

I am a virtual coach. I run a coaching program – Going For Glory – for emerging leaders.

I coach entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and emerging marketing professionals to achieve excellence in the areas of traditional media, social media, public relations and marketing.

Despite being a crackerjack strategist, in my role as coach, I will not do your strategy for you. Instead, I will give you the tools you need to design your own strategy, the know-how to implement your own tactics, oodles of practical feedback and all kinds of spirited support.

My Going For Glory coaching program is tailored to suit your specific objectives, but may include the following:

  • How to develop and write a strategic marketing and communications plan.
  • How to develop and write a public relations, marketing or fundraising campaign plan.
  • How to set up and maintain an engaging social media presence.
  • The fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting and production.
  • How to write an engaging, SEO-optimised blog.
  • How to design graphics like a pro using free tools.
  • How to write a media release, pitch to media, present to media.
  • How to run a special event online and off.

Coaching takes place in a virtual environment using Zoom and email.

If you’re an emerging leader of a start-up, small-to-medium business, social enterprise, B Corp or community non-profit and are keen to learn how to enhance your own personal profile or the profile of your organisation, Going For Glory is for you.

I support:

  • SMEs
  • Start Ups
  • Social Enterprises
  • NGOs
  • Government Departments
  • Corporate CSR Programs
  • Political Candidates.

My gift to fundraisers

Fundraisers can often feel like the world’s loneliest people. That feeling like no-one’s going to want to hear from you. That no-one’s going to care. That no-one realises the value of what you’re trying to achieve. It’s a dark place.

But then you ask someone for their support and it all changes. They say yes. Your eyes sparkle. Your heart sings. There’s sunshine, rainbows and lollipops! And you end up finding love in the strangest of places!!!

Because when you ask, people give.

People give.

I have raised $1 million in a week (250K in 24 hrs) for Lifeline/UnitingCare in Queensland. And popped a bottle of bubbles.

I have raised $8321 for a children’s puppet show on Chuffed. And made so many new friends.

I have raised $115 in 5 minutes for the Migori Health and Rights Network in Kenya. And performed a happy dance.

Like a drug I can’t get enough of, when it comes to fundraising, I’m unstoppable. Nothing can curb my enthusiasm.

Many people, from those raising a little to those raising a lot, come to me for advice on the who, what, when, where, why and how of fundraising.

You can too.

There’s oodles of wide-eyed wonder in raising funds for a worthy cause. It’s my gift. My gift to you.

If you work or volunteer for a non-profit organisation, I can provide pro bono advice in the areas of media, marketing, communications and fundraising for up to 2 hours. I will strategise with board directors, CEOs and Marketing/Communications/Fundraising Managers. I am happy to visit your office, your board room or your local coffee shop!

My favourite NGOs and campaigns

My most favourite non-profit organisation is The Green Institute. I’ve both volunteered and worked there since 2008. I’d happily support them forever, so I’ve left a bequest to them in my will.

I am also passionate about UNICEF, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, Women’s Legal Service Queensland, Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Children’s Ground, the Romero Centre, and the Global Greens.

My trip to Nairobi, Kenya to participate in the founding congress of the Global Young Greens in 2007 completely changed my life.

From 2012-2015 I partnered in a Kenyan project called the Migori Health & Rights Network. This Network worked to improve school attendance among schoolgirls and empower young women with knowledge and skills for socio-economic development. I worked to support my project partner on the ground, Chris, to distribute sanitary products to girls in schools and set up a health hub for girls in the local community.