So …

My throttle broke yesterday. It got stuck on ‘go’. This proved to be somewhat dangerous, you know, with the whole requirement to not only stop at the red walk man but actually take one’s hand off the brake to press the buttony thing.

No matter how consciously I tried to remember to keep my hand on the brake, I’d end up forgetting and my wheel would start venturing forward all on it’s very own.

It happened on the way to work yesterday and, given I had – you know – a whole stack of work to do, I decided to leave the trip to the bike repair shop until this morning. So that meant a trip home on the dodgem bicycle last night and a trip to the bike shop this morning, again on the dodgem.

Lovely Barry from Electro Bikes kindly helped me out. Again.

The brakes were a bit loose still (I really do work them pretty hard) and last night I noticed my back wheel kicking sideways when I bounced across a gutter, so I asked Barry if he could also do a service. All good. I left the bike there and skedaddled to work.

I rang at about 3pm to check up on Sheldon (who’s apparently now gay, well the actor anyhoo) and was told that, not only was my throttle buggered but an entire major bracket had come away! Seriously! And I didn’t even notice! I am such a bicycle bimbo. An e-bicycle e-bimbo!

My baby is all fixed. Next time I am told he will be ready for a wheel alignment and perhaps a new brake cord.

I know people think I have all these problems with my electric bicycle. I guess it kind of sounds like it, but the reality is that it is my primary mode of transport and I do thrash it pretty hard.

Also, the sum total I’ve spent on it this year is about half the price of car registration. Maybe even a third. How awesome is that?

What a wonderful savings plan! Vietnam here I come. Electric piano here I come. iPad here I come. Doggy cart here I come. Tree lopping here on come. New aerial here I come. Mortgage here I come … OK now it’s just getting boring. 🙂

I love my bike. It makes me happy each and every day. Even while riding home tonight in this torrential downfall during peak hour traffic with a million shiny bright cars to dodge!

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