Soooo. City chic or dorky dork?

I was just invited to a ‘Style Over Speed’ cycling event on Friday night at King George Square. However, I’m not sure if they’ll let me in. When it comes to cycling, I am rather the antithesis of style.

The great thing about cycling to work in winter is that there is no need to shower upon arrival. The downside is the temptation to wear dorky outfits. Last week was a case in point.

Freshly showered, I wanted to wear a skirt for a change! I didn’t want to wear pants and boots just because it’s ‘practical’. So I donned my skirt and then realised warmth required a jumper and closed shoes. That’s where the tshirt, jumper and sandshoes came in.


Wear full make up under a dorky helmet and dorky sunnies

Don ultra dorky shredded ‘on last legs’ (or hands?) bicycle gloves

Wear a pilled fleece jumper and a flouro sash (even it’s daytime) as a way to say to cars ‘I really really don’t want to die so I’m wearing this flouro sash to make that extra clear to you!’

Wear dorky sandshoes and bike pants under your fancy work skirt

Make a perfectly good designer shirt ugly by putting it with a flowing patterned skirt.

Tear irreparable holes in your skirt after getting it caught in a section of the bicycle you didn’t even know existed. Hot!

Get properly changed at work into work clothes only to realise the hair you thought looked ‘natural’ in the mirror in fact looks rather like the consequence of ‘helmet hair’

But today it’s all good because a stylish purchase arrived! My new Buffed headscarf! I’ll be right now for Friday’s event. How’s THIS for stylish … ?

Totally buffed.


Sorry, I mean ‘warm’.

One thought on “Saving the world, one dorky outfit at a time

  1. ’tis a fashion wonder watching & reading that! Anything but lycra passes my ‘style/warmth’ test 🙂

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