Pressing The Flesh And The Fur At Griffith Industry Mentoring's Celebration Event

This year I mentored two Griffith University students through Griffith University Careers Service’s Industry Mentoring program.

I conduct virtual mentoring and last night, at the celebration event in Brisbane, I was delighted to meet two of my wonderful mentees in the flesh – Gabriella and Victoria. Yes, I dragged Brett along as a guest with puppets in tow!

Troggg and Marina roved through the crowd for a while (something we’re usually paid to do!), harassing guests with heavyweight titles like CEO and Professor as well as student lawyers, engineers and scientists. It was a lot of fun bringing smiles and laughter to the crowd – and helping to break the ice.

I’ve been mentoring through the program for about 9 or 10 years I think (lost count!) across four different organisations. I find the act of giving back to young people and mature age students incredibly rewarding.

Here’s what Gabriella had to say about one of my emails:

“Wow. I have never received guidance like this before. No-one has ever bothered or perhaps had such words of wisdom to share. This is amazing!! It’s taken a little while to reply because I have been trying to digest everything. So Elissa, just a huge THANK YOU!!!!! Really, this may have just helped change the course of my working life and life!!! Profound stuff.”

You can be a mentor too. Find out more about the Griffith Industry Mentoring program.

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