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Upon leaving school in the early 1990s I wanted to be a book editor, so I went to uni to study English through an arts degree.

There I learnt all about feminism, so I decided that rather than just being a book editor I’d become a book publisher.

Do I did a business degree in communications and a post-grad degree in publishing.

Then the Internet happened and it was all-consuming for me. I absolutely loved it!

I wrote a few articles about e-publishing, was regularly interviewed about online communities and became pretty convinced that electronic publishing was the future.

20 years later I’m about to launch my first online publishing project which will make me a proper publisher (as well as an editor).

I’ve been working with 5 wonderful writers (even paying them!) and I’m really excited to see how it flies.

For now, I’m uploading stories and photos and filling in all the website gaps. It’s all very exciting.

I will no longer be an emerging publisher. I’ll be a publisher.

My 19 year old self had no idea it would take this long, but I reckon she would be super impressed that I never gave up.

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