Today I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia for the very first time. You can too at

Dear Mr Abbott,

I am 37 and have been voting for almost 20 years. I have never before written to the Prime Minister of Australia.

I am struggling to contain my grief for the situation on Manus Island that transpired overnight, a situation that was bound to happen. As a caring and compassionate Australian, I am spiralling into a state of despair.

Why are people, who are fleeing torture and persecution in their home countries and seeking our protection in Australia, being held in violent, rough detention camps rather than having their refugee claims assessed swiftly and then settled into our local communities in Australia?

There is no logical reason for it. Nothing what I hear from the Australian Government justifies this cruel treatment of our fellow human beings – people with hopes, dreams, families and full of love; just like you and I. At least I think they’re the things you and I have in common.

I live in Moorooka, a suburb of Brisbane that has a whole stack of refugees from all walks of life living in peace and harmony.

We can do that instead.

We can.

Ignore the more hateful Australians, Mr Abbott. Find some love. Ignore the racist voters, Mr Abbott. Show some leadership.

Please show some leadership on this issue once and for all. End offshore detention. Process refugee claims swiftly. Let people settle peacefully, providing them our care and compassion in our local communities.

I beg you.


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