“It’s like, it’s just I got kinda distracted.”

Ahhh just channelling some Ani Difranco banter circa Living in Clip.

The end of a federal election is always hard. As a Greens candidate, it’s always that little bit harder because your chances of winning are incredibly slim (unless you’re in Melbourne!).

While achieving 10% of the primary vote in Moreton was a solid result, the Greens vote went down at the 2013 federal election across the board, including Moreton. After all the hard work I put into the campaign (9 public forums, multiple media gigs, countless street stalls), it was really disappointing. Oh what I would give for the funds needed to be in with a chance of winning … ! I would give anything (oh, except for my soul and my conscience of course – damn those ethics!)!

While it was wonderful that Graham Perrett was re-elected rather than Malcolm Cole taking the seat (Thanks Moreton! You amaze me!), the overall federal result was devastating and we’ve been seeing the results of that flow through ever since – approvals to dump sludge in the Great Barrier Reef, harsher treatment of asylum seekers (who knew that was even possible?) and the rolling back of action on climate change – and that’s just a small snapshot.

It’s tough maintaining one’s composure and faith in democracy while watching vulnerable people, our vulnerable biodiversity and our vulnerable climate being trashed at both a federal and state level. I hold hope in the work of the numerous amazing activists and community folk who will not be silenced and are demanding a better Australia and a better world. I also treasure those who are working on electoral reform in Queensland.

Since December 1, 2013 I’ve been lucky enough to have been spending time with someone special for the first time in 10 years (I know, giving my insanely good looks, it’s crazy right?). This special someone’s raison d’etre is to ‘make people happy’ so I’m enjoying being part of that bright, light sense of spirit (who wouldn’t want to be part of that?).

So yeah – I’ve been kind of distracted. đŸ™‚

I’ve even been too distracted to share my news that, in November 2013, I was selected by YWCA as one of Queensland’s 125 Leading Women, “as a woman who has made a significant contribution to her community and modelled leadership through her actions and words.” That’s me, right up the back left corner.


This was an incredible honour and I’m so proud to be part of an eminent list of women that includes the likes of: Quentin Bryce, Anna Bligh, Sallyanne Atkinson, Kath Walker, Cathy Freeman, Gail Mabo, Linda Lavarch, Kay McGrath, Deborah Mailman, Sarina Russo, Jessica Watson, Lorna Jane Clarkson, Senator Claire Moore and Senator Larissa Waters.

So what’s the plan for 2014? How on earth do I trump that?

Well, this year I’ll be keeping myself busy with my day job in the renewable energy sector, with a PhD I’m commencing part-time this month through Griffith University and with a social enterprise business plan I’m writing with a view to seeking investor support.

Another busy year ahead, but hopefully with plenty of love and laughter thrown into the mix to balance out the heartwrenching political situation this country faces – that’s the grand plan anyway!

Now … time to focus!

One thought on “It’s like, it’s just I got kinda distracted!

  1. Don’t get too discouraged Elissa. I was told the other day that most likely many Australians look at elections the same way they doo a game of ‘football’ (pick any type of football). When they care about the outcome of the game, they want to back a winner, so they bet hard one way or the other. When they don’t care about the outcome, they want to see good sportsmanship and gamecraft. What I’m saying is, I think people can get easily tricked into abandoning their conscience when voting in favour of not wanting to back a loser, for me, this explains the big swing to the neo-conservatives at the expense of every other party.

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