Premier Beattie was today challenged by the Queensland Greens to implement proportional representation in Queensland and to announce his intention to do so at the launch of the International Conference on Engaging Communities.

Elissa Jenkins and Pete Johnson, Greens Candidates in next weekend’s by-election agreed the conference focused on excellence in grassroots democracy. However, during the current by-election campaign, the Premier continues to promote archaic first past the post elections instead of preferential voting.

“The Queensland government is hosting this UN sponsored conference yet the Labor Party’s actions in relation to democratic process in Queensland make it a sadly ironic joke,” said Mr Johnson.

“Queensland is the only state without a watchdog house of review and to compound this we have Premier Beattie and the Labor Party continuing to push for a nineteenth century ‘first past the post’ system that stifles debate in Parliament and entrenches patronage and a cover-up mentality in government,” he said.

Ms Jenkins said the best way forward was to have a proportional representation system that gives all Queensland fair go at having their views heard in Parliament.

“Despite the Premier’s attempts to sidestep Pete and I at the conference, an open letter challenging him to change to a system of proportional representation was symbolically hand delivered to him by our convenor.

“It’s now time for the Premier to act,” she said.

**Written and authorised by Elissa Jenkins, 11 Sussex Street, West End QLD 4101**

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