The Queensland Greens will not direct preferences to any party in the Chatsworth or Redcliffe by-elections.

Queensland Greens Convenor and Spokesperson, Howard Nielsen, said major factors that influenced the decision were the poor performance of the Beattie Labor government and the inept performance of the Coalition Opposition.

“The unacceptable performance of the Beattie Labor government on issues including health, indigenous issues and the environment makes it impossible for the Greens to direct preferences to Labor,” Mr Nielsen said.

The Greens are also unhappy at the Beattie government’s refusal to address long standing issues surrounding their Vote 1 strategy, and the absence of proportional representation in Queensland.

“We are recommending that Greens voters do not preference any other party.” Mr Nielsen said.
Mr Nielsen also called on voters to change the “same old same old” numbers in Parliament by voting seriously for Greens candidates.

Greens candidate for Chatsworth said the Labor state government had a long history of non-action.

“Badly managed urban sprawl in the Chatsworth electorate is clearly a direct result of flawed state government practice.

“It’s a shame to have to say it, but it’s true.

“The government could easily change this by committing to an increase in the greenspace in urban developments  and by ensuring the Housing Code is truly innovative and truly environmentally-friendly.

Elissa Jenkins said voting for Michael Catibiano would be a huge risk to the future of the area as the Liberal party
had an appalling track record of considering the environment and community wellbeing when making decisions.

“The Liberals are hopeless at looking to the future.

“It’s really important for voters to ensure they elect someone who is going to maintain the character of their community.

“I’d really hate to see suburbs like Gumdale, Burbank and Chandler turn into big ugly residential pockets full of badly-designed homes.

Howard Nielsen said the time had come for electors in Redcliffe and Chatsworth to vote seriously for Greens candidates.

“The style of government in Queensland is not going to change one iota if Labor or Liberal candidates are elected.

“But one or two  Green Members of Parliament would certainly change the atmosphere in the House and ensure Queensland brings itself into the 21st Century,” Mr Nielsen said.

**Written and authorised by Elissa Jenkins, 11 Sussex Street, West End QLD 4101**

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