“May the best man win” said Peter Beattie yesterday to Liberal candidate for Chatsworth Michael Caltabiano when they met on the campaign trail, clearly forgetting the existence of a female candidate in the electorate.

Greens candidate for Chatsworth, Elissa Jenkins, said the language the Premier used was indicative of the boys club mentality inherent in state politics today.

“I’m not surprised he ignored my candidacy – he’s been ignoring pressing environmental and social justice issues in this state for years.

“However, as the only female voice putting themselves forward to represent the electorate, I feel it’s important to point out to the Premier that his sexist attitude isn’t going to inspire votes from Chatsworth’s female constituents,” she said.

And what were Caltabiano’s wise words in reply?


Elissa Jenkins encourages women in Chatsworth to vote outside the two major parties at this election.

“Let’s finally get women’s issues heard in state parliament.

“Maybe then we’ll see a change in the governing of women’s health, childcare and employment,” she said.

**Written and authorised by Elissa Jenkins, 11 Sussex Street, West End QLD 4101**

2 thoughts on “May the best ‘man’ win says Premier

  1. How sad and pathetic! ‘May the best man win’ is simply a saying, thats all. Unfortunately
    extremist feminists make the fest of us normal and moderate women out to look like raving lunatics. I’m a modern gal, and I have no problem with the saying. Its just a saying, for petes sake! Fancy putting out a release on of all things, a saying? Sorry, but get over it. Stop making us women look silly and superficial. Its a old and traditional saying, for pete’s sake. If you get worked up over something so stupid and so petty, superficial and shallow its a wonder you have time to do any work. I am sick of the crazies making us women out to be high-maintainence, self-centred and superficial airheads, always looking to change benign ways and saying, and making us look like airheads. You clearly have too much time on your hand and are not a very deep thinker. I have no problems with the majority of what you advocate, but please, this PC garbage is just embarrassing and foolish. If you want to be taken seriously, pull your head in grow up and don’t be so shallow.nn1

  2. Sad, pathetic, an extreme feminist, abnormal, raving lunatic, silly, superficial, petty, shallow, crazy, high-maintenance, self-centred, airhead, too much time on hands, not a deep thinker, embarrassing, foolish, childish.

    This is a summary of this warm and fuzzy comment I received during the election – just one example of the support that female political candidates receive from fellow feminists. The encouragement to better myself and my methods is overwhelming.

    Thank you Sally for inspiring me to be a better representative. It means a lot.

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