Had a rewarding election day.

I confronted the media and then Peter Beattie with the dodgy ‘how to vote’ cards that Labor Party representatives were distributing to voters. Featuring the same size and colours at the Greens’ own ‘how to vote’ cards, the cards advised Greens voters to preference Labor second. Being that the Greens were specifically advising Greens voters to not direct preferences at all, it was important for us to reveal our dismay at Labor promoting their agenda to the public in such a deceptive fashion. This story was covered on radio and in the evening on Channel 7, 10 and ABC. It was an interesting experience to be on the receiving end of the media.

Visited every booth and then some! Tried to say hi to as many booth workers as possible. Their role is such a valuable one. I thank each of you who volunteered – it means so much to me and the Bayside Greens to have that sort of support.

In the evening my lovely brother hosted an election party where we listened to the radio and watched the results come in online. Went to sleep that night sitting on 7.5%. Being that the Election Campaign Committee was anticipating about 5-6%, I was pretty pleased.

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