Centre For Social Innovation - New York City

Today I’ve been doing a trial day with the Centre For Social Innovation in New York City.

I received a friendly welcome and a formal tour (in stark contrast with the other NYC co-working space I recently blogged about).

The spaces are big, open, rustic and funky with heaps of individuals and teams working here. The kitchen here has composting, recycling and a shelf in the fridge for free food.

It’s packed with people, but not in a sardines kind of way because the space is massive.

A new women’s space just launched (for businesses focused on social impacts for women and girls). Very amazing.

I also met Danny, the New York based co-founder of one of my favourite Australian companies Who Gives A Crap.

Being a total fan girl of this amazing toilet paper, I believe I acted like a total fan girl, crapping on (get it, get it?) about how I gift the toilet paper as Christmas and wedding presents. Total rock star moment for me.

Oh and the lovely host asked me all about my social enterprise start-up and said she’d think of a few people to connect me to for chats.

Given the minimum term here is 6 months, I’m feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to hang out here for 4 weeks.

I guess I better toddle off and do some work now!

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