Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Sunset

On September 20, after a 10 hour drive from Brisbane with an overnight stop at Moonie, Brett and I arrived at Murra Murra near Nebine (between Bollon and Cunnamulla), the traditional land of the Kooma people. A large portion of this land is now an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Elissa JenkinsWe enjoyed a warm welcome from the Kooma people and spent three nights and three days camping in this harsh climate at the mercy of evil bindies, bush ticks, dust and an inflatable mattress that refused to stay inflated.

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Sunset

Despite the challenges, we had a wonderful time touring these ancient lands and learnt so much about looking after country and nature.

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Nature DiscussionsMy favourite part of the Kooma Green School were the tours of the land by the generous Ranger Geoffrey Drury who is a Kooma traditional owner. He showed us ancient tools, axe and seed grinding grooves, fish traps, wells and native orange trees.

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Axe And Seed Grinding GroovesWe also visited an old sheep station and visited a very cool 10kW system that generates a stack of electricity and funds for the community. We also saw the site (once powered by the solar system) where Geoff and his family lived for quite some time in an old homestead that was apparently adorned with chandeliers and an old grand piano. Sadly for the family, the home burnt down.

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Solar Power

Brett brought Larrikin Puppets to Murra Murra, performing a puppet show on the Sunday which went down well with the kids and adults. Most well behaved little ones he’s performed to in ages.

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Puppet Show - Larrikin PuppetsThe other grand old homestead, where the Green School was hosted, is now quite ramshackle but oozes character. It was like something out of the movie, Australia, with its tall palm trees, rose bush remnants and discarded tennis court.

Kooma Green School - Murra Murra - Nebine CreekBrett and I are pretty keen to visit again, but we reckon we might skip the camping next time. It’s not really our cup of tea.

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  1. In 1962/63 I worked at Murra Murra as a Jackaroo, when the property was owned by the Scottish Australia company. I am in the process of writing a book about my experiences and am trying to get hold of any photographs of the property, particularly of the homestead as I knew it. Rather different today!! Ifyou could help me in any way that would be great

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