Never Give Up - Random Hacks Of Kindness - Brisbane

Never Give Up - Random Hacks Of Kindness - BrisbaneTomorrow I’m off to my first face-to-face meeting with Random Hacks of Kindness, Brisbane. Chad was impressive when we chatted on the phone, asking all the hard questions. All the right questions.

Given the social enterprise space is very southern centric with very little support in Brisbane, it’s taken me a couple of years to find an outfit I feel I can trust to provide useful, practical input into my project.

I have spoken to a couple of groups down south who run courses, but they say they can’t help and they lament that they can’t run them up here. I lament too.

I’ve also chatted to investors who like my idea in theory, but of course need a ‘business model’ before committing to anything (which is totally fine and understandable!).

However, my skills short-fall is creating financial forecasting/projections and legals. Balance this with impact assessments and values questions, social enterprise is a tricky space to navigate. Add to that the fact that my idea is essentially a global dot com and you’ve got a bit of a beast AKA major challenge.

It’s not straightforward business as usual.

I am hoping working with this passionate, skilled group will be the stepping stone I need to see through this idea – an idea that’s been percolating for about 2 years now.

Crunch time. I’m as nervous as hell.

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