Cost of SEO Content Writing - Average Sucks.

Cost of SEO Content Writing - Average Sucks.

Impressive, engaging, grammatically correct, culturally relevant web content – whether it’s SEO optimised content, evergreen content, product descriptions, blogs or social media copy – costs between AU 18c and 50c per word or $45-$125 per hour depending on the frequency of the work and whether extensive research is required.

Time and time again I have worked with companies who have outsourced their writing projects overseas and – due to the appealing quotes and bids on, Upwork and Elance of $2-$20 per 500 word article – they inadvertently hire someone who has poor grammar or poor cultural understanding (due to English being their second language) or they hire an inexperienced writer. When they get the copy back, they are then forced to pay extra to get the copy re-written or end up throwing it in the bin and starting from scratch.

I am a big fan of online outsourcing. A BIG FAN! But not when it comes to writing copy that will win over your customers and potential customers. That’s where I draw the line.

Given clients come to me after ending up with page upon page of crap copy, I think it’s only fair to say that – if you’re promoting a project on an online outsourcing site – don’t expect to pay $2 for a 500 word article and receive clean, professional, credible copy that you’ll be proud to display on your website. Unless you’re selling something really dodgy…

If you want to reduce your costs, outsource someone to do article research for your writer or work with a writer like me who keeps costs down by partnering with a researcher. There are brilliant blog researchers overseas. I can vouch for that. As I said, I am a big fan of outsourcing, but not for writing.

Anyway, this blog entry is really just a place where I can store the hilarious things I find on online outsourcing sites. I will come back and add to this list whenever I can. 🙂

Dodgy Things I read on, Upwork and Elance:

“Hi, I want someone to write content for our home page. Need 2900 words. Budget: $15”.

“Write 10 articles for me. Urgent project. You have to deliver them today. Bid only if you can deliver today, i pay $2 per article.”

“DO NOT BID IF YOU WANT $25.00 an article – those are ridiculous prices. Many website owners cannot afford those prices just for web content – they need a lot of web content. They’re trying to make money, not go broke. If you have a reasonable offer that will help website owners, place your bid.”

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