Moreton 2013 - Thanks For Your Support

Moreton 213 - Thanks For Your Support

Thank you for your support (I thought this photo I took today was very apt!)!!

On September 7, 2013 a record number of volunteers supported the Yeerongpilly Greens branch in the seat of Moreton.

Despite being completely ignored by the Murdoch media and despite campaigning on a shoestring budget, we ran a strong grassroots campaign focusing on compassion, community and courage.

When our kids, grandkids and future generations say to us:

“What did you do to try to stop global warming?”

“What did you do to try to stop them building coal ports in the Great Barrier Reef?”

“What did you do when Australia turned away traumatised people from war-torn countries?”

“What did you do when they tried to control the Internet?”

“What did you do when they closed and cut education funding to schools and cut funding to universities?”

“What did you do when they continued to discriminate against same-sex couples?

“What did you do when they removed financial support for single parents?”

“What did you do when they closed down non-profit childcare centres that catered for kids with complex needs?”

“What did you do when inequality continued to increase?”

“What did you do when Australia cut foreign aid funding?”

“What did you do when our country’s leaders treated women like sex objects?”

… we can all proudly say we did everything we could to prevent it.

I would like to thank all of you who helped letterbox, hand out HTVs, stand by street-side signs, staff stalls, call volunteers, attend branch meetings, attend campaign meetings and act as my sounding board.

I would particularly like to thank Adam Stone, Greens who put his life on hold to stand for the Queensland Senate. Adam, who deserved to be elected, won hearts and minds and we were lucky to have him stand up for what matters with smarts, eloquence, courage and good humour.

The branch I belong to is harmonious, hard-working and fun. We meet once a month and rotate between Wednesday dinner meetings and Saturday lunch meeting. We love food, we love discussion, we love to laugh and we love to act.

I hope you can join us.

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