I’ve managed to stay quiet throughout this whole debacle so far (bar some talking to the TV in the comfort of my own loungeroom), but listening to Tony Abbott is making me very sad and making it more necessary for all of us to make sure he and the LNP do not win the election.

His negative policy platform is scary.

Tonight he again made the asylum seeker issue his main political plank (dastardly inhumane!); he made ending action on climate change his second political plank; and he made us in Australia (particularly Queensland) on the losing end of mining, where we end up in a position where we, the Australian people, receive nothing for our own resources.

How are any of these things remotely good for Australia?

Does he really believe the Australian public are as selfish and meanhearted as he is?

Vote for a party who cares – and who knows you care too. Vote Greens.


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