The Greens WA have been doing amazing work in their state parliament, in campaigning in the lead up to their state election and on the hustings today.

WA deserves strong Greens representation and I look forward to positive results flowing through this evening.

Unlike QLD, WA has an upper house with proportional representation.

This means more people in the community have the opportunity to have their voice heard. It also means there’s a house of review to ensure policy isn’t simply pushed through without question by the government of the day (which is what happens in Queensland all the time).


The marvellous Western Australian Legislative Council MP Alison Xamon.

There are currently 4 Greens in the WA upper house. I personally know Alison Xamon. She is an extraordinary woman and great representative of Western Australians.

If only we had any upper house in Queensland hey … ?

Queenslanders would feel much less disenfranchised than they do now as they’d have the opportunity to be heard – and they wouldn’t have to put up with the government of the day (whether Labor or LNP) pushing through legislation without pausing to stop and think more profoundly about what that means for the community as a whole (rather than vested interest groups).

Oh electoral reform. We so need it in Queensland!

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