yarn bombAn Annerley resident sent me these photos today.

It seems the local Annerley bus stop has been ‘yarn bombed’ to raise awareness of the opportunity for local residents who may be affected by the SEQ Bus network review and the discontinuation of the 121 and 116 bus routes to have their voice heard.

Yarn bombing is often used throughout the world as a direct action protest activity.

I can’t find any official reference to this yarn bombing activity online, so I dare say this colourful display has been put together by a group of locals who are advocating for people to ensure the voice of local residents is heard when it comes to the discontinuation of the local bus routes.

I personally have no affiliation with this group (nor do I clearly know who they are), but with the absence of any other similarly vibrant or effective style of communication consultation on this issue, it sure is an effective way of getting the word out.

So to make sure your voice is heard about our local 121 and 116 bus route, be sure to visit www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi/consultation/754/survey/950/view.html and fill in the survey.

I dare say the yarn bombing will be dismantled soon. Shame really. It’s quite nice for a change. 🙂


yarn bomb2

yarn bomb5 yarn bomb4 yarn bomb3 yarn bomb6







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