I will be speaking at this event tonight.

Say no to another Tampa election! Let the boats land. End offshore processing. Close all detention centres.

The rally is on the evening before election day. It also marks the 9th anniversary of the Tampa incident and the dirty election campaign that ensued in 2001.

When: 5.30pm, Friday 20th August. The night before the election.
Where: Brisbane Square, top of Queen St Mall, corner of George St, City
Speakers include: Chaman Shah Nasiri (Afghan refugee & former Nauru detainee), Fr Pan Jordan (community leader of Tamil refugees), Sam Watson (Aboriginal leader and Socialist Alliance candidate), Andrew Bartlett (refugee advocate and Greens candidate), Ian Rintoul (Refugee Action Collective), Elissa Jenkins (RAC member and Greens candidate) . Entertainment by Nathaniel Hubbard.

Further info: Paul, Ph. 3392 3843, email paul@rac-qld.org

Come along and make a stand for justice for asylum seekers in this toxic political atmosphere.

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