Thank you people of Moreton. Your respect for Greens policies shines through.

The Greens in Moreton received an 8.7% swing and doubled our vote. With 74% of the vote counted, we have received 15.76% of the primary vote. What an extraordinary indication that my local community is seeking leadership, a voice for and alternative decisions made in the areas of disability support (loud and clear!), public education, higher education, refugees (from the rooftops!), poverty, housing, renewable energy (a no brainer!), healthcare, aged care (absolutely fundamental!) and mental health reform.

What a great electorate and WHAT an amazing grassroots campaign run on the smell of an oily rag.

It means so much to me to have fronted for The Greens in Moreton and it warms the cockles of my heart (below the cockles) to see Larissa Waters win a seat in the Senate. For the first time since I began voting 16 years ago, I have a representative in Queensland who speaks for me. I cannot believe it has finally happened! Congratulations Larissa!!

Thanks also to Ian (Moreton campaign organiser), Sean (volunteer extraordinaire), Peter (letterbox coordinator), scrutineers, booth-workers, letterboxers, stall-holders, state campaign team, national team, senate team, Qld & national web teams and party founders Drew & Libby for their incredible foresight … the list is endless!

On a personal note, I wouldn’t have been able to manage over the last few months without the support of my wonderful Mum and Dad (coming home to find my house clean and sparkling was a treat!); my new friends Kate and Tyrone (who let me be); my staff and colleagues at work (who graciously coped with my work-a-holism); my poor neglected dog (more walks are on their way Pacey!); my Facebook & Twitter friends and supporters; and my oldest & most beautiful buds (you know who you are).

On a more somber note, this week marked a year since my oldest friend took her own life. A day of this campaign hasn’t passed without thinking of you, sweets.

Love and respect to you all in Moreton. I hope we see the changes we deserve.

Elissa Jenkins

8 thoughts on “High swing to Greens in Moreton a telling figure

  1. It warms my heart too, and makes me so proud to be a resident of Moreton – a community that really does give a toss.

    Well done, Elissa. You worked hard and you deserve the impressive result. Whilst I’m disappointed you didn’t win the seat, at least it’s looking like we’ve not been dumped with a Liberal twat, and just think, over 10,000 people voted for you – that’s a LOT of people!

    Thanks for all your hard work and sorry I wasn’t able to help with the campaign. Next time, I promise I’ll make myself available. Next time you’ll win.


    P.S. Go and catch up on some sleep!

  2. Elissa,

    It was a pleasure to support you through the campaign and am I so proud of your result in Moreton. Hoping you’re willing to go through all the madness again at the next election. You have a growing band of supporters who would love to see you elected.

  3. Congrats Elissa, I noted your vote ratio with pleasure for you, I know you worked hard for that!

  4. Dear Ms Jenkins,

    I must say how in awe I am of your recent achievement. You are an inspiration to all and I am so proud of you. I’m sure Eble is feeling you too. Love you to bits grrrrl. x Marni

  5. Shame that Malcolm Cole had nearly 5000 more votes that Graham Perret but you copped out and gave in to labour and now we are run by a labor man again. The sheer fact your ignore what a Vast majority of people in the area of Moreton want rules you out off ever getting my vote. I wonder if People would vote for the greens if they knew that their vote goes straight to labor? Pathetic.nn1

  6. Well done. You would have gotten my vote, but because of my new address, it went to Larissa. It’s a great achievemnt and I would like to hope that this swing is only the beginning of a future landslide.

  7. Dear ‘Joe Blow’,

    It was the voters who chose to preference Labor after The Greens, not me. In the House of Representatives, voters take control of their own vote. People can preference whoever they like. I made that very clear throughout the course of my campaign and worked closely with the public to enhance their understanding of this fact.

    It frustrates me no end that people like yourself still want to pander this kind of gross misinformation that somehow Greens preferences automatically go to Labor. It’s factually incorrect and it’s the perpetuation of these kinds of rumours and lies that get in the way of people truly understanding how our electoral system works, once and for all.

    It was a close race and, ultimately, democracy has expressed that more people in Moreton would prefer Graham Perrott than Malcolm Cole. That outcome has nothing to do with me. The voters were empowered with that decision.

    That is the crux of the preferencing – the voters have declared their preference and I wish Graham all the best in continuing to represent our local interests.


  8. Thanks to all of those for taking the time to share your kind words. Your support means so much!!


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