This morning I attended a peace march held in Brisbane in solidarity of the big Peace Convergence happening at Shoal Water Bay this coming week and weekend to request that the Talisman Sabre Wargames be stopped.

The march began at St Mary’s Church at West End. A mock funeral took place with the Church priest leading the symbolic depiction of death as the reality of the Iraq War.

Following were women from Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom followed by many people carrying shoes to symbolise the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who have died in Iraq.

I did the environmentally-friendly thing and cycled into the rally which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In the evening I attended a big Peace Gig at Souths League’s Club in the evening featuring a number of local musicians and bands. One band in particular were very good – Grassroots Street Orchestra.

Good luck to all attending the Peace Convergence. I was hoping to make it, but have other commitments. My thoughts will be with you.

2 thoughts on “Solidarity For Peace Protesters

  1. What a nice surprise. Thanks for leaving a comment Jai. Good luck with the music! Elissa.

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