Dear Editor,

I write in response to the The Sunday Mail article ‘Fishing Fears for Livelihood’, offering a different perspective to that which resonates throughout the piece. Mine is one inspired by that lovable penguin, Happy Feet.

I adore the recreational opportunities Moreton Bay Marine Park offers such as sailing and snorkelling and have, since a tiny tot, enjoyed recreational fishing with my father.

I am a water baby and therefore appreciate the happiness, the challenges and the calm that the Bay brings to my life.

However, as a Marine Park, it really must be protected for future generations of holidaymakers, seafood consumers and – of course – its diverse and precious native flora and fauna.

Therefore I am delighted to hear that the State Government’s rezoning review has identified that at least 10% of the park be zoned green, restricting fishing.

It takes guts, but Queenslanders must show courage and demand that our commercial fishing sector use sustainable fishing practices and demand that our government encourages and enforces such practices.

Taking any other action makes a mockery of Happy Feet’s important educational message.

Instead of doing a cute little dance, my heartsong goes out to all Queenslanders – and not just those who live by the Bay – to truly acknowledge that on our doorstep is a water wonderland worth preserving; a place that a myriad of animals and plants call home including whales, dolphins, dugongs, sea birds, fish and crabs.

Why not send your own heartsong to Queensland Environment Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr and, while you’re at it, support the leadership that a wide range of environment groups are showing on this issue – groups such as Australian Marine Conservation Society, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Queensland Conservation Council and Friends of the Earth.

Happy Feet is an Academy Award-winning Australian-produced animated film. It offers an easy message that even children can understand. Let’s learn from it.

Elissa Jenkins
0418 786 986

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