Tonight fellow Global Young Green Gordon Douglas and I journeyed out to Nambour to visit the Maroochy Greens branch to share with them our experiences in Kenya at the GYG conference.

It was the first time we’d done the presentation and we’re set to visit many of the branches in South-East Queensland over the next few months – something I’m really looking forward to.

The most fun we had was leaving behind the concept of waving your two hands in the air instead of clapping as a way to show support for what someone’s saying in a meeting/discussion situation. 🙂

A big thanks to Maroochy Branch for having us along and for also supporting us before the conference by donating $50 to help fund Global Young Greens from Australia and the South-East Asia region to attend. This was a relatively large and generous sum considering the size of the branch, so it means a lot.

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