Dear Editor,

Cr Adrian Shrinner certainly opened Pandora�s Box in last week�s South East Advertiser when he said that Council had no legal means to prosecute anyone dumping in a waterway corridor.

This was an unwise admission that lacks leadership and understanding of local environmental issues, but certainly not surprising.

If there was a time for responsible political rhetoric, this was it, but now we all know that anyone wishing to dump on public land and waterways can do so.

This is an appalling fact that has been neglected for too long and clearly needs to be immediately rectified.

What has Shrinner�s Liberal colleague Michael Caltabiano been doing for the last year (and Labor before him) when he could have shown environmental leadership on this important issue and � at a state level � put an end to it?

Caltibiano�s obviously put this issue in the too-hard basket � a different basket to the one in which he keeps the developer�s money.

As the Greens candidate for Chatsworth I am demanding the State Government now step in as a matter of urgency to ensure our waterways and parklands are legally protected from local environmental mismanagement.

I am asking the Chatsworth community to consider environmental leadership when casting their vote next Saturday.

Let�s not rest on our laurels and see Chatsworth turn into an urban wasteland under Caltabiano � it has way too much going for it.

Thanks for your time,


*Written and authorised by Elissa Jenkins, 26 Horan Street, West End, QLD 4101

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