The Greens will be encouraging their voters to direct preferences to Labor�s Chris Bombolas in Chatsworth.

Elissa Jenkins said Michael Caltabiano, who was clearly in the pockets of the developers, was a loose canon and shouldn�t be trusted.

�Caltabiano and the Liberal party have an appalling track record of considering the environment and the community�s long-term social well-being when making decisions.

�The Liberals are even more hopeless than Labor at looking to the future.

�The more stories I hear from concerned people living in Chatsworth, the more convinced I am that Caltabiano has got to go.

�The people of Chatsworth rightly and effectively used last year�s by-election to punish the State Government for the health debacle, but now it�s time to oust Caltabiano as it’s clear he cannot offer strong social and environmental leadership,” she said.

Ms Jenkins said the decision by The Greens to ask their voters to direct preferences to Labor was by no means an easy one.

“Bayside Greens branch – of which I am secretary – is keen to draw attention to protecting precious Moreton Bay and I’m hoping to see a Labor State Government commence community consultation on this.

“Chatsworth is one of the few seats in Queensland where we�re directing preferences to Labor, but we�re doing so because we�re very concerned a Coalition Government would reverse several hard-won environmental gains like landclearing laws and the Wild Rivers legislation. This is scary stuff.

�State decisions filter down to the local level and I don�t want to see the people and the environment in Chatsworth hard done by.

�Queenslanders are angry about water, angry about dams, angry about rivers and angry about health – as am I.

�I am asking the people of Chatsworth to demand strict water conservation and water solutions rather than building dams as an ecologically unfriendly band-aid solution,” she said.

Ms Jenkins said Chatsworth electors could still lodge a protest vote against Labor by voting 1 Greens.

�A vote for The Greens is not a wasted vote. Including Labor�s Bombolas as your second choice will count and will still help oust Caltabiano,� she said.

Elissa Jenkins
State Candidate for Chatsworth
0418 786 986

*Written and authorised by Elissa Jenkins, 26 Horan Street, West End, QLD 4101

2 thoughts on “Greens voters encouraged to direct preferences to Labor in Chatsworth

  1. funny i put in a comment the other day and you didn’t publish it – you probably won’t do this one either – FOR YOU INFORMATION….michael caltibanio is very concerned about the environment – when i was at school and he was our councellor i did a geography case study on a development site in aarulen street – i surveyed him and he gave me fantastic answers and even spoke to cambell newman for me!!!!!!! he showed concern at all times and instigated the bcc to give fines to builders who were not using sediment fences, dumping rubbish in the wildlife corridor etc – i think you are wron and ought to make a public apology to michael for this misconception!!!!! And if my comments are continually not published i think that it would be wise to get the press involved to show the people of chatsworth what you and your policies are REALLY like!

  2. Sorry I missed your first comment. I don’t have a spam filter set up and have to manually go through and delete the spam to find the legitimate posts. Yours must’ve slipped through the cracks.

    It would’ve been great to have a chat to Michael about the environment, but the first time I met the man was during the Chatsworth by-election. I was introduced to him by Labor member Michael Chow. I shook Caltabiano’s hand and, yes, he shook my hand but refused to make eye contact with me and simply looked behind my shoulder and walked away. Absolute disrespect shown for me.

    It’s wonderful that he speaks to school children in a more respectful manner – but that was job and I would expect nothing less from a local member.

    I am proud of Greens policies and would love the opportunity to share more of them with the media. I urge you to check out the federal policies of the Australian Greens at in time for the next federal election. It’s wonderful that you have an interest in politics and I’m always keen to chat to young people interested in the electorate.

    It’s very difficult to apologise to a man who doesn’t show a fellow candidate any respect.

    When I was 10 I met Sir Joh Bjelke Peterson at a Greening Australia tree planting day and he shook my young hand. The damage his government did for the environment in Queensland is irreparable. He was a nice old fella who gave me a big smile. His party’s policies weren’t nice – I discovered that later when I became more educated.

    Happy to chat to you anytime, but I will not be apologising to Michael. Firstly, his past attitude towards me shows me that he wouldn’t care what I think and secondly, he got many more votes than I did – so I dare say he’s not blaming me for his election loss.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you pop back soon.


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