World Refugee Day - Julian Burnside

Although I only flew in yesterday from Italy, today I thought I’d take the time to attend World Refugee Day celebrations and actions.

Listened to a few speeches at Queen’s Park in the city (including Julian Burnside) and then marched to Queensland College of Art at Southbank.

The march was quite big. It was OK. Some hiccups along the way with the banner at the front which annoyed me a little. I was invited by one of the organisers to hold the banner at the front, but ended up giving up that job when my frustrations become too great. Too much pulling and tugging and restlessness for my liking.

It was great to be entertained by some Sudanese dancers at Southbank and visit the Art Gallery to view an enlightened (and rather gutting) depiction and interpretation by Kate Durham of the Tampa drownings and also harsh and horrific stories of life in detention centres.

On a positive note, it was wonderful to be back in Australia – particularly Brisbane – as being overseas has certainly helped me appreciate the ease and the beauty of my lifestyle. It’s certainly a lifestyle that’s worth treasuring and preserving.

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