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Today I attended the No Dams protest at Kanganda. The State Government is proposing to build a dam on the Mary River, resuming about 500 residents and threatening the survival of the Mary River Turtle, Mary River Cod, the lungfish and a frog. The proposal is flawed because it is aimed at helping solve the water crisis, but the dam won’t hold enough water to make a significant impact. Additionally, there’s no need to even consider damming the river as there are other alternative solutions to consider first (e.g. water tanks). For more, visit

I picked up Dr Jean Joss from the airport and drove her to join in the protest at Kanganda and speak at University of Sunshine Coast. Jean, who flew in from Sydney for the protest, is an expert on the threatened lungfish (or Dala as the indigenous folk call it). It’s apparently the oldest living vertibrate which means it’s really really old (therefore significant and valuable) and also helpful to study evolution.

After watching Bob Brown lead 120 canoes in a ‘Flotilla of Hope’ on the Mary River, I went to Kandanga Hall where Bob was giving a speech. I staffed the Greens stall and we sold heaps of No Dams badges, stickers and signs. Although I didn’t hear it myself, Bob’s speech worked a treat. Thanks Bob!

After that we drove to Sunshine Coast Uni where Jean, Jo Bragg from Environmental Defenders Office and Bob spoke. A local indigenous woman, Eve, introduced us to the name Dala, the Aboriginal name for ‘lungfish’. I appreciated her passion and historical information. It was so important to hear it. I hope to help Eve in her aspect of the campaign.

It was a good day. Great to see city and country folk coming together. There should be more of it.

One thought on “More Tanks – Yes Thanks!

  1. Hi Elissa
    I was talking to a friend a week ago, and she’s training to be an engineer. Apparently, they’re being taught that watertanks in houses are bad for the situation. They’re being taught that it prevents water being “returned to the cycle”, when the water that falls on roofs in Brisbane would only end up in the river, and hence the ocean – the tanks aren’t collecting water that would otherwise end up in the dams.
    The engineering student didn’t quite grasp this.
    Maybe our problems lie in our places of education??
    – Aurelius

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