Just sent this question to Facebook. I’ll post the answer as soon as I find it out.

I am scheduling posts in Facebook and they’re not showing up in the scheduler list. It says on the page itself that I have 15 scheduled posts, but when I go in to see the list in ‘Scheduled Posts’, it’s coming up as 13 and the ones I’ve just scheduled can’t be previewed.

Problem is I can’t preview or edit posts I’ve just scheduled (something I like to do) and I’ve also posted two of the same post (because the first didn’t work). I’m worried they’re going to post. And I’m also worried they’re not going to post!

I also like to change the order of posts and reschedule and delete posts (something scheduler is for).

I have scheduled three posts that have disappeared. I would assume I did it incorrectly (bizarre given I do this everyday) except the front page is saying that I have more scheduled than the number that appears in the preview list.

Bug with new scheduler?

Or am I looking in the wrong place for the full list? I’ve attached a screengrab of the section I am accustomed to scheduling in.

Facebook scheduler

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