I’ve decided to incite some compassion! Come along to Moorooka on Saturday morning. We’ll be getting down and crafty, making cards to send to refugees in detention.

Let the old parties incite fear of refugees. Let’s deflect their fear with care and compassion.

Let the media perpetuate pure mythology. Let’s deflect their lies with truth and compassion.

Let the minority spread vitriol online. Let’s deflect their acrimony with courage and compassion.

If you’re as fed up as I am about the negative statements from both of the old parties that shows a complete lack of compassion for the very real challenges that face individuals and families fleeing persecution in their homelands, please join my action on Saturday morning at Moorooka.

Page 1 of Wednesday’s July 10 Courier Mail pushed me over the edge. I’m angry! However, on Saturday I want to deflect my own anger to bring some semblance of hope, love and compassion to those currently in detention.

I will have signs that say:

– Elissa incites compassion!
– Moreton shows compassion for refugees!
– Make your own compassion card for a refugee in detention!
– Kids don’t belong in detention!

I will have cards and scrapbooking materials so people can make their own cards and then we will send them to refugees in detention.

If you can donate cards and scrapbooking materials and would like to be part of the action, please facebook me or call me on 0418 786 986.

Hope to see you there. 🙂

Corner Mayfield and Beaudesert Roads, Moorooka



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