Our Federal Environment Minister wants to hand over most of his powers to State Governments.

The Great Barrier Reef, the Tarkine, Leadbeater’s possum – places and wildlife that are too precious to lose – are under threat like never before. We have to come together to protect them.

I cannot express how vital it is these environmental powers stay at the federal level. Law can be a dull and boring thing to talk about, but the impact of handing over federal environment powers to the states is really scary stuff.

Environmental laws are an essential element of a healthy society. They not only protect our fragile ecosystems, they also protect our health, our communities, our economy and future generations.

According to the coalition of 38 non-profit environment groups, these proposed reforms represent a grave threat to hard won environmental protections, which have been in place for decades.

In response to this unprecedented and coordinated assault on Australia’s environmental laws, these environmental organisations from across the country have come together to form an alliance to let Australian Governments and business know that they will not stand by while our environmental laws are wound back.

These groups are the ones looking after our most precious assets day in, day out. They know what they’re talking about and they’re looking on us to learn more and act!

I urge you to e-mail Graham Perrett and tell him to make sure HIS Labor Environment Minister Tony Burke doesn’t give away his job to the States!


For more info visit the NGO website www.placesyoulove.org or the Greens campaign site www.tooprecioustolose.org.au.

For some more info and inspiration, check out Larissa’s speeches to parliament below. Larissa Waters is an amazing environmental lawyer and politician. When people wonder where the future leaders of this country are, all they really need to do is look to Larissa!


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