Well it’s time to hang my hat on the Sheldon blog. It coincides with two factors:

1. I will be using my blog to campaign for the federal seat of Moreton.

2. I’m currently off the bike.

Never fear, I will still ride my electric bicycle from place to place and on regular occasions. And I still want to buy a new battery and buy a dog cart for Pacey.

Because I used to cycle absolutely everywhere, a new friend said to me just a month ago “I admire your commitment”. I admired my commitment too. I loved it. I loved me.

I highly recommend electric bicycles and I highly recommend normal bicycles. It’s just my dodgy muscles had different ideas.

Unfortunately I have been suffering a sore leg, sore injured arm (from car accident), sore wrists and sore saddle.

I’ve been off the bike for a few weeks now. I haven’t talked about it much because, well, there’s nothing more boring than sharing one’s relatively petty ailments to the world.

I spent weeks trying to problem solve: buy a different seat, get a bike fitter (someone who fits bikes properly), raise my seat, wear special cycling gear, but it was when the doctor said ‘Probably best not to cycle” that I realised that I really needed to consider alternative transport options.

So I’m sucking it up and buying a car. There’s some things I’m looking forward to doing again. Things like taking the dog to the beach, showering at home everyday, going for swims in the morning (because I have more time), turning up to work looking fresh faced, visiting my baby niece more often, visiting my Nana more often, visiting my friends at Bribie more often, visiting a new friend at the Gold Coast who’s about to have a baby and getting to know her better, going camping whenever I want, picking my carless friends up from places and driving them places, going out in the evenings more often (rather than getting home and staying put), quickly popping home to feed the animals before going onto the next grand outing, going to more community group meetings, becoming an Aunty to a vulnerable child, taking Pacey to the dog park, going to more music gigs until midnight and going on one of my famous Street Directory Adventures.

It’s a strange world we live in where quality of life is enhanced with access to a car. I realise other people can do it and I’m proud to think that I did it for over a year. It was something I never imagined I could ever achieve. I am so proud of myself and have learnt so much about taking life a bit slower and smelling the roses. I can’t wait to get back out on the bike – I will just have to balance it.

I will still love my Sheldon with all my heart and ride him often. I am buying a hatch, so I look forward to taking him places. I realised recently that if you take the battery out first, he’s really light to pick up and pack away.

No, I am not buying an electric car. No, I am not buying a Prius. No, I will not be writing a car blog. No, I will not be posting photos on facebook. It’s just a car. I’m excited that it will take me places reliably, quickly and safely, but aside from that – big deal.

End of an era!

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