I cycled to work this morning. Figured it was reasonably hard core as it was raining. Really it was just spitting so, although the bikeways were empty and the paths relatively free of pedestrians, I felt hard core. So hard core that, when I got to work, I bailed someone up in the car park (a past colleague) to take a photo of me looking all soggy.

When I was settled in at work, I returned Simon Finn’s call. Yes, my local state MP rang me in response to my blog posting about the bicycle lockers that I tweeted to him. The power of social media huh?

It was nice of him to call me. We had a chat about electric cars and there’s quite a few cool things going on in that regard. And he said he’d follow up my concern about the bicycle lockers. It seems a proper Moorooka upgrade doesn’t seem likely, but may be more likely once the whole new cross river rail project is underway.

Apparently a lift or ramp apparatus would mean resuming rail-side properties. It all looks industrial to me, but i guess that counts as property too. I still think it’s strange that – in the 21st Century – there’s no ramp access to so many train stations in Brisbane. It just seems weird.

And apparently the front stairs to Moorooka Station are more than a facade – the stairs used to pop straight out onto the main road and now they go round a corner for safety reasons. Or something. A ute ran a red light there right in front of me the other night when I was crossing. It was a close call. The new curvy stairs won’t prevent that!

But I digress. This morning’s ride to work wasn’t soggy compared to the ride home!!!!!! I’m not quite sure why I forgot to consider the notion of catching the train home. I think it had something to do with:

a/ really enjoying riding;
b/ an unhealthy aversion to waiting for public transport;
c/ forgetting you can take your bike on train in evenings even though you can’t in mornings; or
c/ the pointlessness of getting off at Yeerongpilly and ending up soaked through anyway.

Either way, it was pretty bloody stupid. I don’t have night time eye protection so the rain was pelting directly into my eyes. My eye make up ran. There were puddles galore! There was a ripper puddle I cycled through. It was so deep and flowy!! I laughed hysterically every now and again and, with a giggle and shake of the head, would let out a few expletives about my mother. The head shaking wasn’t a good idea. Turns out water collects on the helmet and goes everywhere when you shake it.

I refused to cycle on the road at any point so pedestrians (also being pummelled by rain) were more oblivious than usual of my presence behind them. The streets were shiny, the rain was shiny, the cars were shiny, the headlights were shiny. It’s scary stuff!

I did make the effort to stop at the shops on the way home. By that point my sandshoes were a squelchy, sodden, water laden mess, but I wandered through the grocery store like everything was normal (except it wasn’t because the airconditioning was freeeeeeezing!).

A big bus cut me off at a crossing. Once he finally saw me, reversing wasn’t an option so he waved me ‘safely’ in front of him and into the traffic on Beaudesert Road. I must’ve looked like such a drowned rat by then. I hope he felt bad!

I got home, found the carport a tad flooded despite the new guttering and piping work I invested in. And discovered my dog COMPLETELY … dry. How? Then wandered indoors to discover an earth worm on my kitchen floor and a sink full of ants.

As much as I hate ants, I guess I don’t blame those creatures for finding comfort in the dry of my house. It was rainy out there! I was soaked right through. The earth worm I can’t explain.

But I survived the ride home. And tonight I celebrate because my beautiful bicycle advocate green friend Janet Rice in Victoria has just been preselected as the Greens Senate Candidate for 2013. I am as proud as punch! The competition for preselection was insanely tough. Where’s the leadership in this country? They’re all in the Greens I say!!

This rain doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in a hurry. Thank god it’s the weekend. Hopefully Melbourne is dry.

2 thoughts on “Forgot to catch the train. My soggy ride home. Oops!

  1. Haha aren’t you sweet my dear friend. I think about it every day!

    Actually I made the decision today to – after the state election is over – bow out of branch and state level politics and instead concentrate on writing a book.

    I’ll still be involved in Green Institute and a bit of Global Greens stuff perhaps, but I really need to focus on my writing.

    Remember when they used to pay us to write and be published Lauren? 🙂


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