Left the house this morning and started cycling along and the stupid bike kept powering on and off again (which is seriously dangerous when you’re crossing a road). And then it conked out altogether, on a fully charged battery.

My biggest concern this time is that this fault is about powering the motor (a problem that I’ve managed to miss out on until now). Half the bike stand broke off at the beginning of the week and, while I was annoyed about that, I figured gaffa tape would solve that problem. The motor is a whole different story.

The battery is fully charged and all working fine. Something’s clearly wrong with the connection or the motor or both.

What bugs me is that I rode home last night no worries and nothing odd happened between then and when I took off this morning!! Grrr. So angry.

Stupid Lancaster. Require a/new replacement Lancaster or b/a refund.

Walking the heavy piece of crap up 3 big hills turned me into a big sweaty mess. And the whole debacle made me late for work.

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