Day 1 of e-bike blog should dictate that nothing out of the ordinary happens.


This morning I cycled to the station to pop my e-bike in the locker and hop on the train. I was so absolutely 100% positive the lock was all fixed because I had, on my meanderings past it over the last few weeks, tested it myself and it seemed fine.

But this morning it didn’t work. Before popping my bike in I made sure to test it (I learnt this the hard way after the locker kept my bike in its metallic stomach for 5 days and wouldn’t give it back). This time I couldn’t even close it at all and had to leave it swinging open!

So all cranky and assertive-like, I rang the Yeerongpilly Station people to ask if I could cycle there and take my bike on the train (there’s no ramp access at Moorooka and you’re not allowed to take your bike on the train during peak hours). The awesome Ms Station Grrrl who works there said that’d be fine and, when I arrived, offered me a key to a locker there (which was lovely) but I declined because I was running late for work and needed to quickly get on the next train. She has looked after cranky me on a number of occasions and is always so friendly, gentle, apologetic and ‘can do’.

I gotta say, Sheldon is very back heavy so it takes a bit of an ole heave ho to get him up onto the train.

The lovely Mister Station Dude from Yeerongpilly rang me in the arvo to let me know they had found another locker for me at Moorooka and to go to Yeerongpilly station to collect the key (something I’m getting kinda used to doing!). This time, out of concern for my safety and to be there at Moorooka to check if the locker worked, Mister Station Dude bundled Sheldon onto the back of his super fancy ute and we drove out to Moorooka where he tested the alternative locker and, low and behold, it didn’t work! He was really embarrassed, but I was super grateful that he came along to check as it saved me the woe of discovering it the hard way and going through the whole process for a fourth or fifth time.

I’m sure we’ll get this whole locker thing sorted one day. I don’t blame Qld Rail staff. They’ve been awesome and super helpful to the point where a box of chocolates is perhaps in order. Plus the lockers are free, so I can’t really expect miracle equipment, can I? Or can I? They are getting a bit old and rickety. It could be time to upgrade and invest in something more reliable for commuters. It would sure make the lives of the Qld Rail staff a lot easier – not to mention mine. I’m trying to do the right thing and use public transport, but it sure ain’t easy!

I think Sheldon needs his tires pumped up. But I don’t own a pump. This is a problem.

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