Hmmm. Just remembered a blog entry from 2004 where I asked Lisa Newman (Campbell Newman’s wife) if funding would continue to support children who are seeking asylum and living in Brisbane.

She said they would not be forgotten.

I dare say the children and families living in detention in Brisbane are feeling forgotten, however.

The new capacity of the Darwin detention centre will enable the closure of two alternative accommodation detention facilities, including Virginia Palms in Brisbane, later in the year.

What will happen to the children, the mothers and the fathers in detention in Brisbane?

There’s an easy solution, really. Let’s settle them (and others) into the community before shipping everyone to Darwin.

How hard is it people!!?!?!?!

Wake up Brisbane. Wake up Queensland. There’s people living in your community that need you; that need freedom. Yes, freedom – the kind you favour and savour every day.

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