I’ve been writing this blog since 2004 and, it’s only covered my political activism activities and ruminations. I’ve now changed this blog around to share my musings on global, federal, state and local political issues; live, local music; online communities; and pop culture. My New Year’s Resolution is to maintain this blog. As a writer, I ought to bloody well write. So this is me bloody well writing.

I am currently one of those Z Grade celebrities who – when talking to people, mostly media people – often get the classic ‘I know that name from somewhere. How do I know that name?’ and I humour them by rattling off all the super famous stuff I have done.

I’ll share some of that with you now.

I was a professional newspaper writer and editor for 6 years and, during that time, had my byline published in The Courier-Mail and The Sunday-Mail many times a week. So that’s one reason you might know my name. After a few years of having my byline published I made the decision that, should I ever get married, I was too super famous to ever change my name. This arrogance has come back to bite me, instead according me an eternal state of singledom. Woe.

I have run for public office four times, twice at federal and twice at state level. I stood for The Greens. Most recently (in 2010), I stood in the federal electorate of Moreton where I secured 16% of the primary vote and one of the highest swings nationally to The Greens. So that’s another reason you might have an inkling of my name and perhaps – if you’ve had the misfortune to see one of my ghastly election signs – perhaps even my face.

Since 2003 I have been called on by community groups to speak at public rallies and protests, mostly in the area of women’s rights, refugee rights, peace issues, global issues and other social justice areas. However, I’m also a fierce advocate of marine conservation and enjoy socking it to the fishing lobby. They hurl boulder-sized rocks in return. So this is another reason you might know who I am and what I do.

Finally, I’ve worked in the non-profit sector in the area of public relations, marketing and fundraising for almost six years. An extraordinary community services organsiation pays me to do my thing. Part of this role involves performing spokesperson duties, so I’m regularly called on by Queensland media to comment on a variety of topics and events. This means my name, my voice and my mug appears in various print, radio, TV and online places. So this is another reason you may not have been able to avoid my celebrity.

As an aside, I am on the board of The Green Institute and, more recently, I assumed a role on the board of community radio broadcaster, 4ZZZ. However, these are behind-the-scenes activities and won’t contribute in any way to making me super famous. Yes, I’m selfless like that.

Please know that, despite my affiliation with a number of different organisations, my views, opinions and comments posted on this page are my own and not endorsed by any of these bodies nor a reflection of their views. Their language is much less filthy. Their tone is much less forthright.

Why Green Grrrl?

Green = ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, respect for diversity.

Grrrl = third-wave feminism (riot grrrl) borne from a 1990s subculture covering music, art, writing, poetry, the internet, political action – and the notion there is no all-encompassing single feminist idea.

I hope you like my blog. In fact, I hope it ends up being so fantastically amazing that you recommend it to your friends then I become genuinely super famous then I quit my rewarding profession and cease activist volunteering then I instead sail around the world writing best sellers and watching dugongs frolic on my bow. Sorry, I mean dolphins…

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