Dear Graham Perrett MP,

Given I work daily supporting the mental health sector, it would be remiss of me not to contact you seeking your support of this petition.

My oldest friend, a beautiful, intelligent, creative woman who I’d been friends with since I was aged 10 took her own life in August last year.

Her facebook page is still live at!/profile.php?id=669981485&ref=ts and is a constant reminder of her genuine effort to fit into a world that mentally challenged her day in and day out.

I have made peace with my friend’s death and I will never know if improved services would have been her saving grace, but – neverthless – I urge you to seriously consider supporting this reform in order to give hope to others who feel there is nowhere left to turn.

Kind regards,


Mental ill-health is the leading killer of Australians under 45, and the leading cause of disability in Australia. It’s time our governments stepped up and invested in mental health care to save lives.

Please join this petition before it’s delivered in a press conference at Parliament House on Thursday.

“I call on the governments of Australia to act urgently and effectively to reform mental healthcare in Australia so that:
– there is no longer inequality of access to effective treatments between physical health and mental health
– early intervention is the norm;
– community based treatments are the norm; and
– quality services are the norm”

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