THE Yeerongpilly Greens announced this week that they have preselected Elissa Jenkins as the Greens Federal Candidate for Moreton.

A Moorooka resident, Elissa is a senior manager for a prominent Queensland community services organisation, Board Director of the Green Institute, Master of Arts student at Griffith University and volunteer for a range of local and global organisations.

Elissa said she was an ambitious entrepreneur until she discovered she could make a greater difference to the world with a career in the community sector while volunteering in the area of political advocacy.

“I have been an active member of non-profit professional organisations since the age of 19 and have been networking with business leaders, community groups and government representatives since then.

“While I enjoy my role in the non-profit sector and aspire to one day work for the United Nations, I believe all my experiences to date – entrepreneurial, academic, media and community – are ideal qualities for a parliamentarian and representative of Queenslanders,â€? she said.

A graduate of Corinda State High School, located in the Moreton electorate, Elissa holds two degrees and is now completing her Master of Arts through Griffith University for which she received a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence in 2009.

“This year, for my dissertation, I will be researching the area of social enterprise from a social science perspective.

“The inspiration for this work comes from Tim Jackson’s outstanding book Prosperity Without Growth which outlines how economies and communities can best move forward after the disastrous Global Financial Crisis and within the framework of a Green New Deal.

“I suppose I identify as an ‘eco-social entrepreneur’ and want to encourage others locally and globally to consider that perspective,� she said.

As a graduate of the public school system, Elissa respects the broad grounding Corinda State High provided her as a teenager and believes it has certainly influenced her values.

“The concept of social inclusion was a philosophy of the school before the word even became popular.

“We had wheelchair ramps to cater to disabled people; girls were actively encouraged into science and maths; we had social justice days to highlight the magic of social and cultural diversity; an environment club for planting trees; a biology camp to research Heron Island’s biodiversity; and arts events to show off our creative spirit.

“I was honoured to be selected to give the ANZAC Day speech each year, so I learned the values of respect for our war veterans, the horrors of war and the importance of striving for peace across nations.

“These are all values I still hold dear today – clearly seen by looking at what I bring to the people in the Moreton electorate as they consider me as their parliamentary representative.

Not only is Elissa a proponent of quality public education for all, but is a passionate advocate for:

• Increasing the funding of community care for the disabled and elderly.
• Providing women with opportunities to self determine their employment and health preferences and to be free from violence.
• Embracing multiculturalism and upholding indigenous and refugee rights globally.
• Ceasing logging of old growth forests across the world.
• Conserving Moreton Bay and the Great Barrier Reef.
• Funding that encourages research into and use of renewable energy sources to reduce our reliance on coal and other fossil fuels.
• Upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter and Declaration of Human Rights.
• Rethinking the acceptance of unfettered economic growth and the idea that happiness is inexorably linked to increased consumption patterns.

On April 28, Elissa is heading to Taiwan to attend the Asia Pacific Greens Network Congress as a delegate of the Australian Greens.

“I am particularly looking forward to hearing from the Prime Minister of Tuvalu who is coming along to share with us the very real threats his country is experiencing due to climate change.

“Despite all the post-Copenhagen controversy on the matter, I am adamant that leadership from developed nations is essential to bring about global change, particularly in the area of climate change.

“The belief that ‘There’s no point us doing anything if China and India are not going to do anything’ is a failure of the imagination and of our responsibilities.

“Wealthy nations, which have achieved their prosperity on the back of cheap fossil fuels, largely before the problem of global warming became so prominent in our political consciousness, have a responsibility to take the lead in order to demonstrate that rich, rewarding lives in sustainable communities can be achieved with a much lower carbon footprint,� she said.

Elissa’s volunteer work with the Global Greens and Global Young Greens has taken her to Kenya, Brazil and Austria where she has become passionate about the value of global networking and the importance of supporting individuals, movements and political parties across the world who share the ideals outlined in the Global Greens Charter.

“Although a global citizen, I also identify as a first generation Australian of Italian and British decent.

“I am fortunate to be in a position to have made many friendships across the globe including places such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Uganda, Nigeria and even the slums of Kibera in Kenya – all of which have changed my perspective on life,� she said.

Moreton residents can email Elissa at or follow her election blog at

Media enquiries and photo opportunities: Call Elissa Jenkins 0418 786 986, email or call the Greens Moreton Campaign Manager Ian Stewart on 0439 660 273. Elissa returns to Australia on May 6 and will be speaking at the Make Poverty History Public Forum on May 6.

N.B. Moreton covers an area of approximately 111 sq km from Fairfield in the north, Chelmer, Corinda and Oxley in the west, Eight Mile Plains and Kuraby in the east to Sunnyank Hills in the South. The main suburbs include Acacia Ridge, Archerfield, Chelmer, Coopers Plains, Corinda, Fairfield, Graceville, Kuraby, Macgregor, Moorooka, Nathan, Oxley, Robertson, Rocklea, Runcorn, Salisbury, Sherwood, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Tennyson, Willawong, Yeerongpilly and Yeronga and parts of Algester, Annerley, Eight Mile Plains and Tarragindi.

19 thoughts on “Greens announce Elissa Jenkins as candidate for Moreton

  1. So Elisa what can we expect, and why should we vote for a Globalist green that appears to spend more time overseas than holding any interest in Moreton.
    Not only that, but why would you want to add an ETS(or CPRS) on our coal mines that after Kevin Rudd is finished with them will be already in danger of shutting down. (By way of a rent resource tax that the greens also support)

    The Greens are well known for putting thier ideology (or earth religion) ahead of workers and their families how are you any different ?

    There’s nothing in your resume that would deny that you are an ideological globalist green of the worse kind.

    So why would anyone in this seat wish to have you using tax payers money to fullfill your jetsetting (religious earth) ideology.

  2. Elissa Jenkins is off (by now has been) to Taiwan. How nice that she could go to China and not get locked up. No doubt Stern Hu wishes he had gone to Taiwan to ngotiate rather than to CHICOM territoy.

    TJHe Regime in Beijing slaughterings have made Adolf Hitler look like a mere amateur when compared to Mao. Adolf 6 Million Mao 25 Million.

    I hope Elissa enjoyed herself and will now take up the rights of 1000 MIllion Chinese to be liberated. WE look forward to nsupport from the Greens for the people of Free China.

    Andrew Jackson,
    Qld President Democratic Labor Party

  3. Congratulations for coming forward with your view.
    Most people still think the greens have something to do with the environment
    It’s great that you are coming forward as a Pro-death supporter of global governance.
    Finally a green candidate is actually coming forward and spelling out how she is so anti life and anti family.
    A true warrior against the good of this nation.
    Support of the ETS and the resource tax will not doubt see many children go hungry as you drive your ideology to its end.
    The population rammed into unsustainable ghettos with never ending demands and control mechanisms implemented for the global good while our nations is ignored.

    Well done Elissa…….. I like most will be placing you last on the ballot paper and hope that the people of Moreton will finally wake up.

  4. Dear Vance,

    I live in Moorooka and was born and bred in Brisbane. I have never lived overseas. Every trip I take overseas entails volunteer work. I have self-funded myself 3 out of 4 times and, despite working in the community sector rather than corporate sector, I suppose I am frugal enough to be able to save enough each year to afford to go overseas and support communities in need outside of Australia.

    Within Queensland and within Brisbane, I work each day for a state-based community services NGO. I look after their marketing, public relations and fundraising. The funds I raise and the support I provide the staff and volunteers helps support a range of services for Queenslanders in much-needed areas including disability, child protection, foster care, women’s refuges, community development, indigenous support, counselling, childcare and disaster recovery plus 155 different other programs. This is my day job and has been for 5 years. I am very passionate about improving the life and lifestyles of Queenslanders. This is how I choose to give back to my local community.

    The volunteer work I do in the global arena is work I conduct in my spare time.

    I am sorry, I don’t quite understand your questions in regards to the ETS, but happy to try if you’d like to resubmit the question. We are experiencing a climate crisis and I am proud proponent of the greens climate change policy available at

    While the Australian Greens is part of a network of Global Greens Parties, I regularly attend my local branch meeting of the Yeerongpilly Greens and have been involved in the state Greens organisation.

    The policies I bring to the electorate of Moreton are federal policies available at

    I think it’s important that Australia – as a member of a global community – is aware of international issues. It’s increasingly impossible, particularly with globalisation, to avoid the impacts of living in a global community. The Global Financial Crisis is clear evidence of that.

    I maintain that I would love our global nations to be peaceful and democratic like ours is – and I really hope to one day see that happen.

    I hope this answers some of your questions.

    Kind regards,


  5. Dear Andrew,

    I’m not a big fan of comparing one catastrophe to another catastrophe as all catastrophes that result in loss of innocent human life breaks my heart.

    The Greens believe that lasting solutions to conflicts both between and within nations depend on delivering social, environmental and economic justice to the peoples involved, and on ensuring they can exercise their civil and political rights.

    The Greens want all countries to act through the United Nations to prevent acts of genocide and to ensure that people’s human rights are not violated by governments.

    I hope that clears up my position on those ideas.



  6. Vance, I’ll tell you why I want a sound ETS which actually forces our biggest polluters to cut down on their emissions. Because the resources being mined in Australia are *natural* resources, and they are a finite, unsustainable resource that we cannot continue raping the earth for without serious consequences both environmentally and economically. And remember, without a healthy natural environment, there will be no economy.

  7. Elissa

    All the best with your campaign, I think you would be a fantastic addition to the Federal Parliament.

    Andrew, your comments on what you perceive as the Green’s position on China couldn’t be more divorced from reality. Alone amongst the parties represented in the Federal Parliament, the Greens have consistently fought fo improved human rights in China.

    Tony, the Greens aren’t anti-life or anti-family, there are however anti- misogyny, perhaps that is where you are getting confused.

    Finally Vance, as far as your comments that the Greens are some how anti-worker, I would like to point out that the Greens are the only party committed to fully winding back Workchoices, a policy which the Labor Party has been too weak to fully dismantle.

    Got get ’em Elissa


  8. Hey Elissa!

    Great to hear that you’re running. I think you will provide a sensible and constructive alternative to the two old parties.

    It was really good to travel with you to Taiwan recently and hear about all your great ideas for the future of Moreton, Queensland and the country. It’s an asset to have a candidate that not only cares deeply for the community, but also has an understanding of the world and the lessons we can learn from other countries.

    Look forward to working with you on this campaign.


  9. Tatty, you’re not exactly perfect either.

    “Your argument would seem a lot more reasonable if you could spell their mate.”

    This should be: “Your argument would seem a lot more reasonable if you could spell ‘their’, mate.”

    “Sorry, it wouldn’t, just make you look less of an arse.”

    This should be: “Sorry, it wouldn’t — it would just make you look less of an arse.”

    Oh dear. We have a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Anyway — go Elissa!

  10. Elissa, it seems the Popular Front of Judea people don’t like you/us. I wouldn’t be too worried as the DLP don’t seem to really like anyone. They are the people who split off from the people (after several years hiatus) who had previously split off from the ALP for being communists. “Splitters!” From the above it looks like the meme pool in the DLP has become dangerously small and seriously polluted.


  11. Tony’s diatribe was bizarre beyond belief. Deaing with human induced climate change is an imperative to maintain life. I expect Tony, like Tony Abbot thinks “climate change is crap”.

    Unfortunately this “crap” is the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists ans is buttressed by an absolute abundance of evidence from temperature records( the last decade being the warmest on record, retreating ice sheets, frequency of extreme weather events and the list goes on and on and on. In relation to the burning of fossil fuels business as usual is not an option both because these are a rapidly depleting finite resource, and if we carry on the way we do much of the Earth will become uninhabitable for most species including ourselves.

    Business as usual and climate change denialism based oil soaked, coal stained and nicotine tinged junk science is the real “death cult” that denies a future to future generations in favour of the interests of the fossil fuel mafia exploiting the present generation.

    For some irrational reason I would like my children’s generation to have a viable future and social justice for the present generation.

  12. Hey Elissa

    I was so excited to hear that you\’re running for the next election. And as a Greens candidate? Bloody fantastic news.

    I\’ve always been impressed with your ability to find a balance between social justice, sustainability and economic realities.

    As you\’d be aware, the federal government has seriously cut funding to community environmental programs, including Caring for Our Country and Landcare. Both programs were achieving massive outcomes for on-ground change, particularly improved farming practices and the provision of ecosystem services. I\’m hoping the Greens have something to say about that.

    Good luck with your campaigning! I look forward to reading more about how you\’re going in coming months.

  13. Elissa

    Great to hear you are running. You have my support.

    I find the greens views and policy aligns the closest to my views and hence my support. There are a couple of policies I don\’t necessarily agree with (GST) but that is life.

    You really landed some great troll post there. Do these people seriously believe what they post? Amazing.

    Good luck

  14. Hey Eli!

    Glad to hear you’re in the running. I can attest to what a great addition you will be to the government. I’m sure the young greens all over the world agree with me that youth representation should be an imperative in governance… And you’re just perfect for the task at hand! More power!


  15. Hi Eli

    I’ve been going through a lot of conflict in the last couple of years and have decided that Labor is not full-filling the requirements, objectives and desires of the future generation of Australians. They had their purpose when the people of Australia needed their rights addressed in the area of work, family and productivity but the future has different requirements and while I think they had a glimmer of an idea under Rudd they, in the end, got scared and couldn’t do it.

    I hope you don’t do what the Green candidates in WA did which is basically hide and hope to get the votes by default or opportunism. If you get off your fanny and get out and talk to people it will help your electoral capabilities and you would validate me giving you my vote.

    regards Dude

  16. Dudley Thorpe,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I’m going to be at Rocklea Markets this Saturday from 9am until close. That will certainly tear me away from my blogging!

    Because I work full-time and need to keep paying the mortgage, I won’t be able to doorknock in any way that’s particularly effective. However, I will be pounding the pavement delivering letters so will hopefully have time for a bit of chin-wag with people then.

    I’m also available for public forums and have attended one already in Moreton about overseas aid.

    My grand plan is to get in touch with local community groups and take time to catch up with them.

    Thanks for the tip!


  17. What insanity brought that onslaught on? I read in that article that I have the option to vote for someone who is connected with a world that is already globalised while also being immersed in local issues. Isn’t this what one would want in a member? So far all I can see the major parties doing in their ‘campaign’ is standing on the side of the road with signs. That doesn’t seem in touch to me…

    Elissa, you seem to be a right-minded candidate with some good ideas. I am most interested to learn that you understand the processes, difficulties and importance of academic and practical research as well as how to work within the organisations that effectively connect government initiatives to the community.

    Good luck, I will be following your campaign with interest.

  18. Elissa,

    I could not believe my eyes reading your attack on Tony Abbott concerning marine parks. Whilst I do not like Tony Abbott myself, the one good thing that he said about Marine Parks was consultation. Something that the Greens and Labor do not like to do because for Labor it’s all about satisfying Green Preferences and for the Greens it is ALL about Ideology. There was not one ounce of SCIENCE behind the Moreton Bay closures not one. It was implemented on Zealot ideology and nothing more. The MBMP zoning was “suppose” to be about “habitat protection” nothing to do with fish stocks (AS FISH STOCKS ARE NOT EPA/DERM responsibility) Can you please tell me how YOU damage habitat when you fish recreationally with your father? There are many varied and effective ways to ensure fish stocks are sustainable without shutting Australians out of their own waters and forcing them into smaller areas. QLD Labor has already made over 80% of the best fishing areas in Moreton Bay off limits. By your thinking I would hate to see what happens when the greens get the balance of Power.

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