Dear The Herd & Kram,

KRAM: I’ve been a fan of Spiderbait’s music since the 1990s and have enjoyed your personal spots on TV in recent years. However, I have to say that my support for your work ceases today.

THE HERD: I’ve absolutely loved your music and really like the direction your political commentary has taken in the past. Today I am stumped by the discovery you are supporting the coal industry.

I write to express how upset I am to hear that you are both a special guest at Coal to Coast taking place in Queensland, Mackay specifically full of sponsors from the coal industry.

With climate change a crisis concern and with Queensland a global embarrassment, it has taken me by surprise that you would support such a cause.

Today my support for you and your work ends – I may look back on Spiderbait and The Herd with the nostalgia that the music deserves, but I will no longer follow nor support your future work.

I’d appreciate an explanation – and therefore request one – but I can’t imagine a good reason why you’d support this activity.

A perplexed ex-fan,

Elissa Jenkins.

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