Time to heal, not hate – Brown

Those pursuing destructive hate rather than constructive compassion in the wake of the Victorian bushfire tragedy should haul off, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

“There are media commentators who have gone out of their way to vilify people, including, by inference, many who have died, for having a different view on life, including a love for local bushland and wildlife,” Senator Brown said.

“While there can be no censorship, some of this commentary is callous, unwarranted and distressing to people already suffering from the tragedy.”

Senator Brown reiterated that the Australian Greens’ well-publicised policy is for prescribed burn-offs.

“There is enormous sympathy and compassion from the nation in the wake of the fires but the decided nastiness of some commentators is adding to rather than helping the distress.

“This is a time for coming together rather than dividing our community even before the victims have all been accounted for,” Senator Brown said.

Senator Brown said that he has written to the Prime Minister suggesting that the Commonwealth seeks to join Victoria in the establishment of the Royal Commission into the bushfires.

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