I went along to a Family Fun Day today at Kuraby organised by the Your Rights At Work team.

It was a beautiful sunny day out and it seemed like everyone was having a great time, especially the kids. Moreton is a very multicultural area and that was reflected on the day. I love spending time with people from different cultures to my own, so I felt very much at home!

I judged a colouring in competition and drew a raffle. It was also important and telling to see that local small businesses had donated prizes in support of this campaign. Aside from that I pretty much just sat around with my fellow Greens enjoying the sunshine and having the occasional chat with those keen to learn more about Greens industrial relations policies.

Congratulations to the Your Rights At Work team for organising this great day, giving families the chance to have a bit of time out, a bit of fun and – most of all – the knowledge that there are people working hard to speak out in favour of sensible work/life policy options. And thank you to CFMEU for sponsoring the event.

When’s the next one!?

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