Music by Midnight Oil permeates peace activist David Bradbury’s newest film released on YouTube this week, ironically coinciding with today’s shock announcement by the band’s ex frontman and Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett.

While Garrett announced that he supported plans to build a new US military base in Western Australia, his music – which features heavily in Bradbury’s five minute ‘piece to camera’ – was being shared around online
by peace activists.

The independent filmaker’s piece has been created to promote a National Peace Convergence being planned for Shoalwater Bay, north of Rockhampton from June 18-24.

Social Justice spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, Elissa Jenkins, said it was a sad irony to watch the film on the same day as hearing Garrett’s ideological backflip.

?Watching Bradbury’s heartfelt plea to the public was touching, but hearing Garrett’s music was upsetting.

?For years Garrett was Australia’s spokesperson for peace, non-violence and social justice. Now he’s just a Labor Party lackey whose credibility has been forever tarnished.

?If Rudd is hoping to use Garrett’s rock popularity to secure the vote of those with an environmental and social justice conscience, then they both have to stop mocking the intelligence of the Australian people.

?Midnight Oil’s music is quintessentially Australian whereas the priorities of the two major parties are quintessentially American.

?This latest manouvre simply shows up Garrett as a has-been, a sell-out and out of touch with young and old fans alike,? she said.

Ms Jenkins suggested those who valued peace, justice and the environment looked to The Greens for leadership and inspiration in these areas.

?From the the end of May to July 2, Australia will play host to the largest military exercise in Australia – Operation Talisman Sabre.

?I have heard it will involve nearly 14,000 US troops and over 12,000 Australian personnel.

?I condemn the Federal Government’s decision to set up a new US base at Geraldton in WA and I urge Queenslanders ? and those from interstate – to join me in attending the Peace Convergence in June to also condemn these violent, socially destructive and environmentally damaging military games,? she said.

?And ? if you’re after a bit of new, more credible music ? there’ll be a concert in Brisbane at the Arena on June 16 featuring the likes of Ghostwriters, The Herd, Blue King Brown, The Josh Owen Band and Bomba,? she said.

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