Brisbane resident and social justice spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, Elissa Jenkins, was proud to return to her home country this week after being part of establishing a global youth movement.

Ms Jenkins said the founding congress of the Global Young Greens was an historic moment for young people all over the world ? and for the future of all life on this planet.

?We agreed on an organisational structure, a list of principals and also elected an organising committee featuring 16 young people from 4 regions: Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.

?Like-minded individuals, non-profit organisations and political parties from all over the world are now welcome to join the formalised Global Young Greens network which has committed to setting up a global online community and meeting face-to-face at least every three years.

?All young people aged 35 and under who are interested in being involved in this new movement commit themselves to the four ?Green? principles of: ecological sustainability; social justice; peace and non-violence; and grassroots democracy,? she said.

Held from January 16-19, about 130 young people aged from 11-32 from numerous developed and developing nations attended the landmark event.

Ms Jenkins said the intelligence, passion and compassion the young people showed for securing the future of the planet and its people was inspiring.

?It?s hard to describe the experience at this global conference.

?Not many people in their lives get to experience what I have had the honour to experience including what I call ?multicultural shock?.

?I use that term with endearment as all of us were in the same situation and we were constantly gobsmacked by the feelings of solidarity in purpose that surpassed cultural, religious and economic differences.

?These young people were the opposite of apathetic ? political conversations went well into the night and we learnt and shared so much as we lived, worked and played together.

?Some of the countries that were represented included New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Canada, France, Spain, Tunisia, Kyrzykstan, Kyrgykstan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanki, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Benin, Andorra, Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus ? and of course Kenya.

?For this 30 year old from Brisbane, it was wonderful to work alongside the likes of the 11 year old girl from Nigeria, the 16 year old boy from Ethiopia, the two 16 year old girls from South Korea and the 16 year old girl from Tasmania.

?I heard one of the European Greens proclaim that apathy is boring and that’s certainly how I see the potential for engaging young people in politics in Australia and worldwide.

?I think it’s safe to say that all who attended the conference will be back for the next one which will no doubt be bigger and even better,? she said.

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  1. “Apathy is Boring” – that’s a great quote! Will remember that one 🙂

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