Dear Cr Griffiths and Cr Abrahams,

As a new resident to Moorooka, I am writing to report the proliferation of offensive, illegal stickers on poles along Ipswich Road. I am
including Cr Abrahams in this e-mail as the stickers are also located in Dutton Park Ward.

Each time I stop at a traffic light along Ipswich Road I seem to be confronted with stickers that promote an ‘Abortion TV’ website – a
website that is offensive to the majority of women (and men) in this City. Not only is the fundamentalist ‘Right to Life’ message offensive,
but the website contains content that may disturb children and adults alike, particularly girls and women.

Although I am not adverse to the concept of free poster advertising for community groups who cannot afford to get their message across to the
public via traditional commercial means, I don’t believe the promotion of an overseas website constitutes community awareness, particularly
when it displays offensive content.

The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes 2003 demonstrated that 81.2% of Australians, regardless of gender or religion believe that �women
should have the right to choose an abortion�. Despite the fact that Queensland’s Criminal Code still deems that abortion is a crime, this
code does not represent the beliefs of the women in this great City of Brisbane.

I have removed 4 of these stickers myself to date, but on busy roads, it’s an unsafe practice that I do not believe I should continue to
engage in. Additionally, I dare say the stickers are more widespread than those I’ve seen in my local area. As a result, I am calling for
Council to remove these stickers.

I would appreciate it if you could share this request with your colleagues in other areas to ensure the widespread removal of this
illegal, offensive vandalism.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,


Elissa Jenkins
Moorooka QLD
0418 786 986

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