I may not get a chance to write a proper entry for a while, so I figured I’d take the time – while I’m in an internet cafe – to write about today’s experience.

Today is Day 1 of the World Social Forum. What an incredible experience. We began in the slums of Nairobi and continued walking to the City Centre for the opening ceremony.

There were so many issues represented (many of which I captured on video camera) including poverty, water crisis, slum conditions, war in Iraq, ‘no more plastic’.

There was only a tiny bit of chanting from the Socialist group, but the rest was singing and drama, creating a peaceful march like none other I’ve been a part of. The smiles on the faces of those involved and the passion for a better world were an inspiration.

I met a young Kenyan fellow called Timothy who is a youth leader of about 20 young people who are involved in a River Symposium project, a project I know about only because the international conference was held in Brisbane last year. An Australian environmental scientist has been in Nairobi for the last 2 month showing the young people how to clean the rivers. The group is being sponsored to attend Melbourne this year for River Symposium. What a coincidence to know EXACTLY what they were talking about. His friend described it as ‘God’s work’ that we met. 🙂

Must dash. There are two people I feel should be here with me at World Social Forum. One is Bronwen and the other is Luke. You would’ve loved it here and you should be here with me.

That said, I am with amazing people and I am blessed to have met and connected with people from all countries.

Miss you all in Bris.


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