The Queensland Greens commend the union movement�s initiative to organise Rock The Vote which is on at the RNA Showgrounds on Saturday.

The concert, which has been organised to encourage young people to enrol to vote, will also highlight the injustices of Howard government�s ongoing erosion of worker�s rights.

Queensland Greens industrial relations spokesperson, Elissa Jenkins, who is attending Saturday�s event, said music was a great way to engage with young people.

�I�m a big Spiderbait fan and hugely supportive of Australian rock, so I�m looking forward to the day.

�I haven�t seen New Zealand�s Shihad live before and am keen to catch them, particularly now that they�ve changed their name back,� she said.

Elissa, who led an enrol to vote campaign for the Queensland Greens during the 2004 federal election, said it was really important for young people to get in early this time when it comes to enrolling to vote.

�Under John Howard�s new system, the day after he calls the election it will be too late to enrol.

�This is unfair for young people who may be caught off guard by not organising themselves until it�s too late.

�It�s an effective way for Howard to silence the voice of the youth and he knows what he�s doing.

�His values are not in line with the values of young people, so he�d rather not hear from them.

�Environmental and social justice issues are too tough for him to tackle, but young people are keen to see these areas made a priority,� she said.

Ms Jenkins said, to ensure fair workplace conditions are put back on the agenda in Australia, the Senate must be saved from the Coalition in 2007 and a vote for The Greens in the Senate is the only way this can be done.

�Howard knows that a high percentage of young people vote for The Greens and, if young people don�t enrol, they can�t vote for us,� she said.

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