That the Commonwealth has stopped monitoring the Work Choices laws is a disturbing reality for Australian workers, leaving workers out on their own to tackle the complex employment landscape.

Today�s revelation by the Senate Employment Workplace Relations and Education Estimates Committee highlights the disregard the Howard government has for hard working Australians.

Queensland Greens industrial relations spokesperson, Elissa Jenkins, said the Senate must be saved from the Coalition in 2007 and a vote for The Greens in the Senate is the only way this can be done.

�This is the only way Australians will be guaranteed fairer wages and conditions,” she said.

�This will ensure all Australians have a healthy work/life balance that involves spending more time with their family and giving back to the community.

�Our goal is to invest the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission with the power and sufficient resources to actively audit the performance of employers.

�Greens policy is to enforce and promote genuine compliance with equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation.

�I call on the federal government to abolish Australian workplace agreements and non-union collective agreements, and encourage the making of multi-employer agreements,” she said.

For more information call Elissa Jenkins 0418 786 986.

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